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Because no one wants to see the pigs win!

Let's start fighting dirty! - by getting involved in the criminal protection racket they won't let us overthrow or abolish!
Dealers, start contributing some cash - legalization (of marijuana at least) is just around the corner!
Time to get active in your communities and let it be known that legalization is NOT WHAT WE WANT!!!


DDEAL Founder to Speak at Pot Protest!

Brains on Drugs Taste Better with Toast!

DDEAL Endorses Presidential candidates...

DDEAL Newsletter #1 - The REAL Threat of Legalization

I'm also looking for a new logo. If you're artistic, make me a pig! I want a pig with the LEAP emblem on their outfit/cop uniform. The LEAP logo/emblem should be legible when the pig is placed on a T-shirt or magnet. If I get multiple entries, we'll have a poll to select the best one, and the winner will get a free shirt. Send submissions here. The cut off for the contest will be June 10th.

Legalization means NO BLACK MARKET PROFITS.
By opening up the market, competition will flourish, prices will be driven down, and we'll all have to get REAL jobs to support ourselves and our habits!

If drugs are legalized, ANYONE will be able to grow their own weed. If they're growing it, why would they buy it from you?

It's time to take a stand against legalization efforts.
We need to give LEAP some competition!

The public demands monopolies, and we need to start fighting to protect ours!

DDEAL is meant as a satirical public awareness campaign, not an actual endorsement of prohibitionist policies. Prohibition is wrong. Just say "NO!" to Governmental Control of your life.
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