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DDEAL's Goals

1. To ensure that illicit drugs remain prohibited for the purpose of furthering the reach of our black market operations utilizing the armed support of the Government in protecting our monopoly. (The government eliminates the competition, ensuring a high demand and low supply. Prices sky rocket - and we make millions from the artificially inflated market provided by the government!)

2. To expand prohibitionary practices to other mediums, to include tobacco, alcohol, and fast food; as all good dealers are stocking up now so that when we finally win prohibition in these areas, our early planning and stockpiling in soon to be illicit goods will ensure a great return on our investment. (Nothing sounds as good as a 30,000% markup just because someone else has threatened your competition out of existence!)

3. To ensure the subsidies to the illicit drug trade remain in place. (Not only are we entitled to said artificially-raised, protected prices (that gov-sponsored protection racket), but for all sorts of other state-based rewards as well. There's a reason why dealers are not asked to report their earnings - it is because the gov has deemed dealers to deserve an extra paycheck, whether they want it to read 'welfare', 'disability', or 'unemployment', and to obtain this extra form of gov-subsidized paycheck, the dealer must only accept cash, and not report earnings.)