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The mission of DDEAL can best be expressed in the words of its founder, Kalash.

Kalash founded DDEAL to ensure that the government subsidies to the black market drug trade do not stop. He is currently in negotiations with the Federal Government to discuss a 6 1/2- 9 year vacation package for providing 4 months of exceptional service to the Orange County and Los Angeles areas.

"I just want to make sure that these retirement plans are available for career dealers. It's a risky job, but the public demands their drugs, and those positions must be filled. It's hard to place one's life on the line in order provide a voluntary service to the public. Sometimes you just need a break. Prohibition is the government's way of giving back to the dealers, ensuring them food and shelter if they ever want to give up the hazards of the job.

DDEAL was founded to ensure that the public chips in their fair share to our retirement and vacation plans utilizing the criminal protection racket established by the 16th Amendment. The oil industry gets their share, and I'm going to fight to make sure that we continue to get ours.

I'm looking at a complete package deal, free food, housing, and clothing, with private security watching over me 24/7. I can't afford this on my own, but thanks to the excessive corporatism in our country, the pharmaceutical lobbyists ensuring the continued government subsidies to the illicit drug trade, I'm looking at a total value of about $90,000 per year - all thanks to the tax payers.

I can't imagine these packages coming to an end, and the threat of legalization is a serious one.

Without these retirement plans being offered by the government, I don't think anyone would sell drugs. Not to mention that legalization would destroy the profit margins. Dealers wouldn't be able to support themselves or their families if drugs were legal. DDEAL aims to prevent legalization so that the government subsidized black market can continue to flourish.

I also can't stand law enforcement, and since they're pushing for legalization I feel obligated to oppose it. I mean, really, no one wants to see the pigs win."